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Doing the Right Thing by Mum and Dad

  • Is aimed at every day Australians –┬ánot professionals in the industry
  • Acknowledges the personal human experience of the aged care journey
  • Avoids unnecessary jargon to make the process clear for the layman
  • Cuts through the complexity of the journey, paring the process down to the essentials
  • Is short, succinct, and practical




Written for Australians who face the responsibility of caring for ageing people they love, including spouses, parents, and relatives


The aged care journey is an intensely personal passage. The course is challenging and complex. Along the way you will deal with people who may appear indifferent and who speak a language you don’t quite understand. You will need to make quick decisions on behalf of someone you love, sometimes without having all the information you need and often without fully understanding the consequences of each decision. Above all, it is an emotionally charged situation and having an experienced guide can smooth the process and ease some of the emotion.


A lay person’s account of the aged care system sharing personal stories of people who have travelled the journey. It will help readers to:

  • Work through the process of aged care decisions without getting hi-jacked by the emotion of a moment
  • Cut through the complexity of aged care and have a clear understanding of the important decisions that need to be made
  • Understand and avoid potential pitfalls
  • Understand where to get help and what to ask for
  • Overcome anxiety and achieve peace-of-mind




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