What is a supported resident?

  One of the subjects creating the most confusion for new residents to aged care is the concept of being a supported resident. It is an important concept because assessment as a supported resident provides a series of benefits as … Continued

Age Pension Assets Test Changes

  One of the key messages from the 2016 Federal Budget was the need to re balance the assets test to help make access to government pensions fairer. To do this, the Government proposed to increase the assets test thresholds … Continued

What to do if your loved one passes away in residential aged care

    When your loved one enters the residential aged care facility you will be asked you to nominate a funeral director. You can check options at the Australian Funeral Directors Association website.   Formalities immediately after death The aged care … Continued

Infantilizing our Elders

  Imagine that you invite the following people to a party: Mick Jagger, Tina Turner, Harvey Keitel, Francis Ford Coppola, Morgan Freeman, Jack Nicholson, Anthony Hopkins, Burt Reynolds, Bob Dylan, Sophia Loren, and Brigitte Bardot.   What form of party … Continued

What is Residential Aged Care?

  Australia’s aged care system aims to ensure older people receive support and quality care when they need it. Residential Aged Care facilities are one component of the aged care system and are available across Australia.   Residential care is … Continued

Gather Information about Your Ageing Parents

  By the time your parents hit their seventies, you need to know the business side of their lives. Learn about their situation across three broad areas: personal medical information, financial information, and legal documents, including valid copies of their … Continued

Understand the costs of residential aged care

  There are three sets of fees payable: costs of accommodation, costs of care, and costs of extra services.   1.  Costs of Accommodation The accommodation payment will be quoted as a lump sum called a Refundable Accommodation Deposit (RAD). … Continued

Things your financial adviser can help you with

  Navigating the aged care terrain requires much more than information. Families on this journey need a listening ear, acknowledgement, and reassurance. They want to be treated as whole and competent human beings, who can make their own decisions. They … Continued

Pharmaceutical Benefits for Senior Australians

  Generally speaking older Australians (with the exception of DVA veterans or their spouses) can qualify for assistance from the government towards the cost of health care and pharmaceuticals through either the Pensioner Concession Card or through the Commonwealth Seniors … Continued

How is Mum’s age pension affected by her move to residential aged care?

  For most of our clients who are moving into residential aged care, retaining their Centrelink benefits and associated health cards is a high priority. In addition, often, a move into residential aged care is the catalyst for aged Australians … Continued

Do I need to provide guarantees for my parent entering residential aged care?

  A client of ours recently questioned us about the Residential Agreement and Accommodation Agreement they were asked to sign when admitting his mum to residential aged care. In particular he was concerned about a clause stating that a resident … Continued

What is an Advanced Health Care Directive and why should Mum and Dad have one?

  Gilbert is 93 and has been getting progressively frail for the last 15 years. His eyesight is nearly gone; he struggles to speak and has been living with incontinence for the last five years.  Two years ago, his family … Continued

Mobility Options for the Elderly

  One of the dilemmas you may have to face with your aging parents is driving. Common medical conditions associated with aging include loss of vision, hearing, decreased perception, decreased memory, reduced strength, reduced flexibility, deteriorating peripheral vision, and reduced … Continued

What is an ACAT and why do I need one?

  Before you look at aged care facilities, arrange an Aged Care Assessment Teams (ACAT) assessment for your loved one. They will need an ACAT assessment and approval if you want them to receive aged care services through any level … Continued

The human dynamic of placing a loved one into residential aged care

Through our experiences with clients we have learned that the aged care journey is synonymous with a unique human dynamic. Entry to an aged care facility is associated with failing health, and is often precipitated by an ill-health event which … Continued

Aging and exercise

Exercise is one of the most important strategies for prevention, treatment, and management of illness. Studies show that exercise offers many health benefits and that older adults can gain a lot by staying physically active. Even moderate exercise can improve … Continued

Can I negotiate the RAD with the aged care facility?

    A client recently emailed us with a question about whether the Refundable Accommodation Payment (RAD) can be negotiated with the residential aged care facility. More specifically he was interested in finding out whether not-for-profit residential aged care facilities would … Continued

Do I need a retirement village or an aged care facility?

Many of our clients express some confusion between what is a retirement village and an aged care home. Whilst both are aimed at seniors there are important differences between them. Broadly speaking retirement villages are aimed at people in early … Continued

What are the costs of Residential Aged Care?

  The fees payable in residential aged care are regulated by government. The range of fees may include the following.   1. Accommodation payment You will be asked to pay an accommodation payment as either a lump sum (refundable accommodation … Continued

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